Unitron TrueFit

TrueFit™  is Unitron’s fitting software, designed to provide hearing healthcare professionals with precision-fitting capabilities for Unitron hearing instruments and accessories.

Zeitguys was engaged to provide thought leadership, guidance, User Experience (UX) design, User Interface (UI) and visual design assets. We collaborated closely with product management stakeholders, subject matter experts, and the Unitron in-house development team to plan, design and deliver a consistent and carefully-thought-out user experience across the entire application workflow.

User Experience design

Zeitguys began the project by conducting a series of brainstorming sessions with the Unitron marketing and development team to help clarify and agree upon the guiding principles that would influence the architecture of the software. These brainstorming sessions also:

  • isolated specific architectural criteria
  • set timelines for design deliverables
  • enabled the development team to schedule key design decisions and assets into their build plan.

Once the key principles were in place, the application framework needed to be nailed down. This was done over the course of a few sessions where Zeitguys presented architectural options along with pros and cons, to help stakeholders and the development team make informed decisions about the overall application layout and flow.

In an application as complex and feature-rich as this one, every screen presents UX and design challenges. Wireframes allow us to expose issues around parsing, comprehension, pathing, taxonomy, nomenclature, layout and flow without the clutter and distraction of the visual design overlay.

User Interface design

Visual styling requires an iterative workflow and tight engagement with the client team in order to meet the often long list of need the software must fulfil. Zeitguys worked closely with the Unitron team to explore a variety of visual “idioms” and approaches in order to nail down the right “feel” for the application. Leveraging popular design software, we turned out static digital mockups, presented in the same format as the finished application, for review, discussion and signoff by all stakeholders.

Icon Design

Icons play a prominent role in the TrueFit™ navigation, and inform the entire application’s look-and-feel. It became important in the early stages of the UI design to come up with a unique and compelling look for the icons that could become one of the key distinguishing features of the application.

Before styling could even begin, we needed to ensure that we had the conceptual base right. Similary to wireframe stage of development, the infographic stage in icon design also divorces the stylistic overlay from the base structure, allowing the core concept, metaphor or idiom that makes an icon resonate with its intended target audience. And then, once a few baseline infographics were established, we could then begin to explore various ways of rendering those infographics in a compelling way.

The final rendering style of the TrueFit™ navigation icon set conveys modernity and sophistication while remaining parseable at small sizes (40 pixels). The icon style guidelines describe an off-axis hand-rendered 3D look leveraging a duotone colour palette with a third colour for highlight floating above a pool shadow. All icons are hand-crafted as scalable vector artwork, optimized for specific pixel dimensions and simplified for XAML import into the application framework.

Screen-by-screen design

With wireframes as the blueprint, Zeitguys then provided supercomps of each required screen along with any screen-specific custom controls or graphics, to give the development team a pixel-perfect blueprint from which to assemble the application views. In the end, the TrueFit™ application in its current incarnation is an Audiologist’s powerhouse: every screen contains rich, easily parsed information, and highly interactive controls for fine customization for every minute parameter of the hearing device hardware.

Zeitguys brought in a process which allowed us to focus on our goals and customer needs first. They worked very closely with us to ensure we could do a parallel development, with out losing sight of the end goal. Their processes ensured we stayed on track and on time, it clearly identified interim check-in points, so we could test concepts and functionality with our customers.

The end result is spectacular, we get raving reviews from our customers, and our main objectives have been achieved. Easy to use and incredibly easy to learn fitting platform, with a very stylish modern look and feel which is scalable for years to come.

The work that we have gone through has been not only huge in scope and effort but I’m also convinced that without the help of Zeitguys we would not have gotten the results we are currently seeing.

André de Goeij
Director, Product Management

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