Toorshi Foods Inc.

Every culture in the world has great things to share. From food to language and dress there is variety of aspects that help establish a visual connection between a place and the culture that accompanies it. A few years ago we were approached by a great Armenian fellow named Hratch. Not being to familiar with Armenian customs or traditions myself, Hratch invited us to tag along on his journey and mission to infuse Armenian culture into the City of Toronto through his tasty Armenian treats. What better way to get into peoples hearts then through stomachs! Hratch had six tasty products that he needed branded. Original Cucumbers, Savory Garlic Cucumbers, Hot & Savory Cucumbers, Hot & Savory Mixed Vegetable, Savory Mixed Vegetables, and Tangy Turnips.


As each product was to be placed in a clear round jar the form of the packaging would come as labels to be placed on the upper top portion of the jar. Each label could be similar in its overall look but needed to contain slight variations in colour (to compliment the specific vegetable being featured) and visual reference (in our case this visual reference ended up being variations in the illustrations).


However, like every design project in the real world there were restrictions.

  1. The label needed to be large enough to display all the info but small enough to allow the actual product to be visible through the jar.
  2. The labels needed to have a home made feel to them without actually being home made, in order to blend in with there surroundings as they were to be sold at local farmers markets throughout Ontario.
  3. The colours chosen needed to be complimentary to the actual products within the jars

Besides the above Hratch was up for anything! So, where to start….after doing some research on food labels we noticed that in order to give this product that true homemade, natural feel we would need to incorporate illustrations. Which fortunately turned out to be a double great idea as it made the actual vegetables that were cut up and placed in the jars more easily identifiable.


After a few rounds of sketches and numerous colour combinations we were able to decide on a final series of labels that we felt were straight forward, had a natural, homemade feel and complimented the actual product. We also found that our design also permitted us some space to add in a small blurb about the Middle Eastern treats and what makes them so unique.

Overall this project from start to finish was great and tasty! No really I mean tasty…we were eating Toorshi treats throughout the entire process! Enjoy!

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