GliSODin Skin Nutrients

GliSODin Skin Nutrients is one of the first ingestible skin treatments in the North America that is specially formulated by dermatologists and nutritionists to promote enhanced and longer lasting results from medical aesthetic treatments and beauty programs.

Having teamed up with Zeitguys in the past for their identity, product packaging and website design, it was only natural to re-enlist the Zeitguys team to design the promotional/information cards that would accompany the product in retail spaces. The design requirements were obvious: since all GliSODin products are carefully formulated using various natural ingredients, GliSODin wanted to ensure that each major ingredient be at the forefront of the promo card design, thus allowing the user to quickly identify the primary active ingredient within each formulation.

Early Design Process

Once the team developed the parameters for the design, a series of sketch layouts which illustrated visualizing how the content could be displayed.

Bright, stylized imagery was used for the main ingredients in the center of the promo card. Tools you would find in a laboratory were used to accent the scientifically formulated aspects of the main ingredients to echo the dermatologist and nutritionist seal of approval on the product. The lower portion of the card contains a small listing of the various other ingredients found in the products along with a small description of the ingredients beneficial effects.

The back of the card, which is predominantly text-heavy, was accented with a infographic that describes how GliSODin works.

The result is a clean, fresh and colourful series of eye-catching display materials that stand out on the retail shelves and are leveraged wherever the GliSODin Skin Nutrients product line are sold.