Healthy Debate


Design, information architecture and development of social blogging healthcare research website. Highlights include: advanced Google search algorithm, improved commenting system, podcast support, newsletter and mailing list, and a sophisticated social network analytics engine that determines the currency and relevance of “popular” articles.

Unitron TrueFit


User Experience and User Interface design for in-house hearing device fitting software. Wireframes and view layouts. Design and creation of all production vector YAML assets. Full design implementation styleguide and documentation.

ACE Bakery


Ace Bakery launches its humurous, yet informative YouTube video campaign on the history of bread (as we know it.)  Learn about the history of bread from the first bowl of gruel to the marvelous mystery of toast; from caveman meals to how Cleopatra go her man.  A seriously indespensible learning tool for young and old alike. Enjoy all five parts. […]

Toorshi Foods Inc.

Every culture in the world has great things to share. From food to language and dress there is variety of aspects that help establish a visual connection between a place and the culture that accompanies it. A few years ago we were approached by a great Armenian fellow named Hratch. Not being to familiar with Armenian […]