About Zeitguys

Zeitguys’ mission is to proactively care for our client’s brand (in the broad sense of the word) by leveraging our experience, passion for quality, attention to design details and our transparent, participatory approach to project execution. We place customer service, satisfaction and loyalty at the top of our priorities in every engagement.

  • Leo_J

    Joseph Leo

    Creative Director, Partner

  • Auger_T

    Tom Auger

    Creative Director, Partner

  • Sbrizzi_M

    Mike Sbrizzi

    Senior Designer

  • Birdi_G

    Gurcharn Birdi


  • Llobet_T

    Tomas Llobet-Arany


Zeitguys stands for excellence, innovation, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Our clients are loyal to us because we take ownership of their brand and go the extra mile for them. We strive to exceed expectations with respect to end user experience, quality, collaboration, timelines, and process. Our only sales channel is word-of-mouth.

We are leaner, more flexible and more personal than larger agencies, without sacrificing quality or our ability to execute on large multi-disciplinary projects. Each member of our team takes full ownership over their role in each project and knows that their contributions are vital and valued. We work hard when we have to but honour our team’s commitment to family and personal development. People work at Zeitguys because they love what they do.

We are teachers and explorers. We would rather teach than tell. We prefer open source to closed. We don’t hire rock stars, ninjas or divas. We know how to say “no” but prefer saying “yes”. We don’t have a receptionist: everyone can take your call and will enjoy talking with you. We like to listen and learn. Our advice is free.